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Management Lectures - DrTPS

Dr T P Sasikumar
SCIENTIST, Space Department
PRINCIPAL DIRECTOR, Government of India

9911484007 (Delhi)/ 9447437948 (Kerala)
/ 04027242863 (Hyderabad) /

Content of the Sessions (2 Hours) + 1 Hour Interaction on each of the modules.
Dr T P Sasikumar has handled thousands of lectures / workshops on varied topics across variety of audience from Trivandrum through Chennai, Bangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad, Pune to Delhi. Visited UAE, Oman for series of lectures.
So far spoke to more than a lakh of youth (students) / half-a lakh of teachers and over a lakh of public.

The sessions are lively lectures (power-point presentation – optional) with jokes to make it lighter, eastern quotes in slokas to stress the point into the heart (manas) of the participants. Seldom activities to relate it to the daily life are the specialty.

Goal-Role-Value Setting
The desire, relation, being a social being are the articulates of a well-balanced human being. The session provides the self-evaluation exercise and then makes the participants realize that the goal needs to be sharpened to perform well. The interpersonal relationship aspects are stressed. Motivation and dharmic (value based) living is inculcated into the participants. Helps to generates good attitude, more productivity, better working relationship

Time / Activity Management
Talks about the LIFE accounts. Managing time is impossible as the time is not in our control. The session will guide one to manage the activity. Exercise of time accountability is to make one realize the wasted life / time. This brings in a new time scheduling skill with activities in life. Life is filled with 200% busy schedules so that no time is left for one to think. Only action will make the moments of joy to recollect and rejoice in the days ahead.

Stress / Tension Management
Stress is essential part of performance. The stress building is the aim of progress in life. Every one as they grow higher in life, acquires more and more comfort, ads stress in life. The session throws light on managing the stress and limiting it to the highest level, so that tension is not created. Stress is productive and tension is non-productive. No-Problem will be the catch phrase in the session with which the tension is out and stress is build-up to be highly productive. Options of solutions are drawn to create activity.

Mind Control / Mind Management
Mind (manas) is the cause of all the activity and non-activity. Manas is the enemy and friend too. The session takes on through the Ramayana and Gita lessons of Vasishta and Krishna on the control of mind to take-up the karma (activity) in hand. Deals with the methods of life to be made simple and cheerful. Examples are drawn to illustrate the conflicts in daily life between the manas and buddhi (intellect) and the atma (spirit) that gets into the consensus activity and keeps us active / dull. The tips and tricks of mind control will be illustrated.

Personality Development
The personality is understood to be the overall development in five-folds – viz, physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual. The session brings in the lessons from the traditional bharatheeya knowledge of this five-fold development. As a grahastha (family person) the reality is taken into fold in defining the balanced life style. Thus the personality is redefined to fit the application into the profession, family and the social life.

Confidence Building
Attitude is the core of activity setting. Lessons are being told to make one with highly motivated plans in life. It is seen many times that the practical aspects of circumstances and the skill are not considered while the attitude is set. This brings in the failure rate and depression in highly motivated people. The balancing of the skill, opportunity and the motivation is done with an evaluation of individuals’ confidence. The measure of the confidence will create the innovative process of self-realization and preparing for the better performance.

Communication Skill
The actualization of the interpersonal relationship / indriya (sense organs) performance is the communication process. Communication is understood as the internal process. Internal Conflict and Ego created inhibitions are dealt. The basic step from data collection to presentation is explained with example exercise. Most common known communication practices are taught involving all the participants in exercises.

Being Better
Better is a comparative statement. Many a times the comparison is done with the external / out-side. Individual performance is assessed based on the performance of the other around us. The session makes the participants to realize that individual progress is to be measured with the performance of how and what one has been in the past and how is the future.

Self Discipline
Most of the people have aversion on receiving advices. One has to learn from the experiences to correct and learn the ways in life. Most of the experiences are useless as the realization in life comes delayed. The aim of the session is to make one to understand that life is to enjoy. But never should have the reason to say ‘Oh, I shouldn’t have done it’. Activity that is imposed by self to make the life in line with society will be always appreciated. Imposed by the external parameters is always a burden. Session makes the participants enjoy the beauty of self-discipline.

Effective / Affective Teaching
Teaching is an art. Knowing to whom you are teaching is more important than what you are teaching; goes the saying. Teaching is an art of communication and it ends only when the student learn. Special methods of teaching and evaluation of the self-teaching skill is the core of the session. Makes teachers to realize the nobility of the profession and create interest in teaching. Suggested methods will ease the job and make it (a)effective. Teaching comes from the heart. 30 points to students and 20 points to teachers and parents are being followed by many.

Efficient Learning
Learning makes a human different than an animal. A lot among the human are average learners. Capability to learn is not much being used by many of the learners. Students spent lot of time unnecessary instead of using it for creative activity. Session makes the students to realize that time being invested today is important for building up a life of tomorrow. Provides clues for making learning interesting. Studies with concentration and exam preparation are enjoyable and group activity is encouraged. Session helps students to create confidence. 30 points to students and 20 points to teachers and parents are being followed by many.

Art of Parenting
Many become parent by accident. Maturity is not that one gains from experience in handling problems. It is the state of mind to be set for facing the problems. Early experience of the child makes planning for future life. Immature dealings from the early parenthood and lack of attention are a big issue among the children. Parents can’t run away from the responsibility by finding excuse of working and lack of time after earning for the future. Balancing profession and parenting is an issue most of the family, especially women faces these days. Session discusses the day-to-day handling of the issues to the major plans to be adapted. 30 points to students and 20 points to teachers and parents are being followed by many.

Life Style / Healthy Practices
Most of the time leading life is a day-to-day activity and nothing is planed around what is in future. Enjoying / being lazy everyday is maintained without much care on what is really wanted to be done. It is not the lack of knowledge of the best practices in life at par and in food particular, but life becomes mechanical and unnoticed in its course. Session makes the eyebrows up to analyse the self and provides the scope for retrospection. Provides hints for planning life style / health practices according to individuals choice and circumstances.

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