Tuesday, December 13, 2011

111213 - BMS at St.Francis WC, Begumpet

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Hello Sir!

The pleasure is completely mine.I can't thank you enough for the inspiring session that you conducted.My co-staff were delighted to get to know you....hope we continue this acquaintaince.

The feedback from the students speaks for itself.They were all mesmerised.They will surely keep in touch with you.

Warm regards,

Mallika Shetty


Sir, it was an amazing, unconventional and enlightening session..Thankyou for your valuable inputs..I throughly enjoyed it.

Neha Thadani

Well thank u so much for the interactive session today Sir. It was indeed different!:

Harsha Khandelwal

HI sir,

sir as i told u today , i don't want to lie to you sir.

i frankly did not expect anything from today's lecture sir.(before you came into the class). we expected it to be some X person coming to us and giving a boring lecture on the topic and leaving. but the first thing that shuck us was the number of degrees and certifications you hold.. this drove us to listen to your class with enthusiasm. how could a man complete so many things at this age...

i promise you sir that we dint not get bored at any moment of the lecture. your attention and love towards your students cannot be measured sir..

i am very much inspired by you and ur teaching...

thank you so much for imparting so much knowledge into us sir.. we did not know that learning could be enjoyment..

nikhila srirama


  1. Today's session was truly inspiring and got our brains to work! An experience that left an everlasting imprint. Thank you sir for investing your time with us :)

  2. This was probably my first day at college, where i willingly went through the day without sleeping! The session was amazing and just flew by without any one of us realizing. It was definately the best lecture i have ever attended and i took back a lot with me, things which i would never forget and have motivated me to make better f my life.
    Kudos to DrTPS!

  3. the best lecture i have attended till today it was not as the usual lecture where we are forced to sit but i personally sat as i wanted to know more to explore i liked the class i hope we have many more such sessions :) thank you so much sir for sharing your precious time with us.